Amazing Exo Hairstyles Over The Years – Updated 2019

Since their debut in 2012 the Korean boy band has turned various heads around not only for their rocking music but also for various different hairstyles these guys sport. Over the years the boys in the band have experimented with various kinds of styles including faux freckles, rainbow hair and many other avant-grade trends.

 AMAZING EXO Hairstyles Over The Years

The boys initially started up with goth-inspired face paint and crimped hair in their music video called “MAMA” and since then the group is well known for their very unique and creative approach towards makeup and hair. Here are some of the best looks the band has adopted over the years:

2012 MAMA Look

For debut, the amazing EXO launched two separate videos for MAMA, one which included EXO-K (Korea focused) and the other EXO-M (China focused). Both these videos featured very unique and dramatic styling choices such as crimped hair and something very unusual the bold black eyeliner. The best moments of these music videos was the face paint adopted by Xiumin, Kai and Kris.

2013 Wolf Fierce Look

Just after MAMA, EXO came out with XOXO and their first single “Wolf”. The entire group could be seen sporting varied eclectic hairstyles in the music video. Tao was seen with a wine red dye, whereas Suho was sporting a silver framing hairline and Baekhyun’s hair was all about bouncy perms. But above all the most iconic hairstyle of the Wolf era was the surprising splash of colours in Sehun’s Neapolitan hair.

2014 Overdose Look

EXO took everything back to the 90s with their looks in the music videos of Overdose. They are seen with colourful windbreakers and bucket hats paired with romantically coiffed hair and simple black and white outfits. Some of the videos also showcased pink hair of Xiumin and a high ponytail by Luhan.

2015 Call Me Baby Look

Call me baby was all about bad biker boys look and the group was seen wearing turtlenecks, jackets with ripped jeans. Most of the band members were seen with sweeping bangs of comma hair and the entire look in the music videos of the time displayed a sense of sleek ease.

2016 Lucky One Look

Done with the looks of 90s, EXO took a step ahead in terms of styling themselves and adopted a look from the 80s. The entire music video had clinical outfits and mostly holographic skin. Whereas, to make it look a bit modern many members of the group especially Xiumin and Chanyeol were seen with rose-gold and fire-engine red hair respectively.

2016 Lotto Look

For the Ex’Act’s repackage album Lotto, EXO recreated a grey scale promo and all the members of the band sported luxurious leather, jean and velvet items with very sharp brows, tattoos and flowing or feathered hairstyles. Xiumin also won the Best Look trifecta for this music video and was seen with glitter enhanced hair, smoky cat eyes and lush magenta lips. For this video, Chanyeol joined Soho and both sported red-toned hair with a shade of rosy pink.

2017 Ko Ko Bop Look

The Ko Ko Bop is rightly considered to be EXO’s one of the most radical change in style. The band was seen with a more relaxed look and a bit more colours when compared to their other videos. The boys were seen in tropical cruise-wear with retro styled hair in curls and mullets.

2017 Power Look

This re-issued version of the music album “Power of Music,” brought in front of the audiences a completely new look of the EXO band. The video saw all the members of the band wearing powerful bold prints and sporting a sci-fi inspired eye makeup.

Many fans consider Power to be the bands most vibrant music video till date.

2018 Don’t Mess Up My Tempo Look

Before the release of the final video for this album, the band had released various teaser images with short videos. The band was seen in motorcycle crew look. The look was completed with chains, leather jackets and flame motifs.

Xiumin Hairstyle

Xiumin is one member in the band who loves to try new things and is a very creative member of the band when it comes to hairstyles. His most iconic hairstyle until now has been the turquoise undercut and the second most dramatic look that he had sported was the purple bob.

Sehun Hairstyle

Sehun is rightly considered as the pioneer of rainbow locks, as he was the first rock-star to sport this very naughty yet trendy look the rainbow locks.

Luhan Hairstyle

Luhan has experimented a lot with his looks and style statement and sported very different and unique hairstyles in various videos of the band. One of his most famous ones being when he dyed his hair pink. His neon orange dye is also very famous among his fans.

Another famous hairstyle that Luhan sported was the tumbling curls. The star just looked amazing in this look and the entire look complimented his personality.

Chanyeol Hair

One of the most iconic hairstyles sported by Chanyeol was his crimped curls, none of the other members of the band have sported this look so stylishly. Another very popular hairstyle sported by Chanyeol was the long locks, fans absolutely loved this cut on him.