Rakim Athelaston Mayers popularly known as ASAP Rocky is a well-known American singer, rapper, songwriter, model, actor and music video director. He is also the member of the hip-hop group A$AP Mob.

Rocky is not only a well-known artist in the music industry, but his really fresh and latest haircuts have rolled many eyes even in the fashion industry. He is the pioneer of men’s braids and the only artist who sported these with absolute elegance.

ASAP Rocky Braids

The Braids and cool long hair of ASAP Rocky has been a sensation in the music and fashion industry. His braids are rightly considered to be iconic because it is he who started the fashion of man braids.

Since his mixtape debut in 2011, Rocky is not only considered to be a good music artist and rapper but has also done various modelling gigs, mainly because of his unique sense of fashion and hairstyles. So here are top 12 best ASAP Rocky hairstyles for you all to emulate.

ASAP Rocky Hairstyles Over The Years

One of the most popular hairstyles of ASAP Rocky has been the braids, but many people don’t know what type of braids he has. Rocky usually prefers to have box braids, which is basically a square pattern braiding of hair. Some people also refer to these as dreads or cornrows.

So here are some of his best hairstyles till now which our loved by both his fans and fashion enthusiasts:

  1. ASAP Rocky Ponytail and Loose Braids

This is a simple hairstyle in which Rocky sports his box braids pulled back from his forehead and leaving a few strands of the braid lose. Various big names in the fashion industry such as Dior and DKNY are already huge fan of Rocky’s braids.

  • ASAP Rocky French Braids

A French braid is a hairstyle that has its origin in North Africa but was later adopted by many people in France. This is a braid where three strands of hair are combined together to plait and then three sections of hair are braided together. ASAP Rocky is considered to be a first male artist to sport this look and make it a fashion statement in the fashion industry.

  • ASAP Rocky Straight Hair

It is not just braids that ASAP Rocky has always sported but a few times the star has been spotted with absolutely straight hair. The star was again looking really stylish and unique even with straight long hairs.

  • ASAP Rocky Parted Cornrows with Bandana

You might have seen many people sporting a cornrow with braids which extends from their hairline to the back but Rocky has again revived this hairstyle by adding a Bandana as an accessory to complement his own unique style.

  • ASAP Rocky Centre parted Cornrows

One of the most practicel hairstyle by ASAP Rockey is the centre parted cornrows. It consists of different cornrows which are parted down the centre and in this hairstyle once your hair has been braided it is going to stay away from your face until un-braided.

  • Accessorizing your Braids

ASAP is also very good at accessoring his braids with the use of appealing colours and glided threads. This looks enhances your overall hairstyle to the next level. You can choose any colour that either complements your skin tone or your outfit.

  • ASAP Rocky Man Bun Braid

ASAP Rocky has also very stylishly sported a Man Bun Braid, which can be easily emulated by weaving the braids at the back of your head and tying them together with a ribbon. To add a bit more to this hairstyle, ASAP Rocky leaves a few strands hanging down his face.

  • ASAP Rocky Classic Braids

This is the signature hairstyle of this rock-star which is loved by his fans a lot. In this hairstyle, Rocky separates half of the braids on one side of the head and the other half on the other side, keeping the centre parting very visible.

  • ASAP Rocky Braids with Fade

In this hairstyle, half of your head has thicker braids which fall from all sides and the back has a fade. Maintaining the fade for this hairstyle is the most important thing.

  1. ASAP Rocky Braids with Triangular parts

To enhance his unique sense of style a bit more, ASAP Rocky has also been seen quite a few times with braids that are parted in a triangular manner. You can create as many triangles for this hairstyle but a professional experts proper planning and execution is what makes this hairstyle very different.

  1. ASAP Rocky Braided Bun with Faded Sides

For a clean looking style you can emulate this very fashionable look of ASAP Rocky. This looks contains thick braids that are bundled up at the back with sides of your head faded.

  1. ASAP Rocky Super Skinny Braids

One of the most common and popular style of braiding is sporting super skinny braids and as usual ASAP Rocky is a perfect rock-star who can very stylishly sport this look. These braids take ample of time to style but give a lot of freedom to make other hairstyles such as a bun or a pony-tail with them and enhance your look to another level.

ASAP Rocky Inspired Braids for You to Try!

The rock-star has inspired many fans and even other fashion enthusiasts to emulate his various hairstyles, especially the young generation.

Anyone can easily adopt any styles of his braids but the only thing to remember while emulating his hairstyles is that some of them require a good amount of time and care. So ensure you hire a good and expert professional to take care of your braids and get things done for you in a perfect manner.