Baekhyun Hairstyle – UPDATED 2019 – Hair Colors & Kokobop

Baekhyun is a K-pop star and part of the band EXO. His fans know him for daring eye makeup and vibrant hairstyles. This popular artist is a style icon in the music scene but only dresses up for public appearances. Let us look at some of his best hairstyles over the years.

The pristine look of Baekhyun is achieved through proper coloring techniques, crisp-cut hairstyles and using the correct styling products. Baekhyun often visits his stylist to update his look. When Baekhyun has a vibrant hair color, like pink, orange, or purple, he will touch up his color often to keep it looking fresh. Other times he will let it wash out on purpose to add another dimension to his hairstyle.

Baekhyun Hairstyle – UPDATED 2019

EXO is an award-winning Korean music group with each member having their own unique identity. Hairstyles are a big part of the K-pop culture and a change in hair color or cut usually signifies an event in the artist’s career. This could coincide with a new hit single’s release or the debut of a new album. With the success of EXO, Baekhyun’s hair would be changed on a frequent basis and sometimes even every month.

Baekhyun’s most influential hairstyles include a mullet and red highlights in his black hair. The pop star is also known for controversial, dramatic looks to accent his hairstyle. Red eyeshadow and striking designs make this artist on of the best style influencers. Throughout the band’s popularity, Baekhyun has had auburn, black, purple and pink hair.

Baekhyun often wears his hair in a longer length making it feel playful and allowing for many styling options. He enjoys looks including tousled hair, neatly combed styles, and hair with great volume when blow waved. The artist will use suitable hair products to keep his hairstyle in place. Wax works great for tousled, messy hair looks. A blow wave can be kept in place with some mousse for added volume and a good amount of hairspray to keep every hair strand in place.

Baekhyun Hair Colors & Kokobop

Ko Ko Bop is a song created for an EXO special performance during 2017. As this was a major event for the pop group and required the tradition change in hairstyle. Before the performance, Baekhyun had dark brown-blackish color hair, which had long length along the top and front. At times his hair would have a tousled look achieved by using wax products. While other times a blow wave to the back would present his bangs flawlessly after adding hair spray.

Baekhyun opted for a radical new design to introduce Ko Ko Bop. The artist fashioned his hair into a mullet that traditionally has longer hair at the nape of the neck. To make even more of a statement he dies his hair black and added bright red highlights. The singer kept the longer bangs in the front to frame his face.

Baekhyun mentioned that his hair had been cut into a mullet by his mother when he was still in school. The return of the mullet a decade later brought back fond memories and brought the style back into popularity. It also made his picture appear in more searches online since a Korean soccer player also wears a mullet.

Baekhyun Black Hair

Black is the natural color Baekhyun’s hair and the rich tones make it a timeless style for the artist. Many of his fans prefer the darker color and link it to his best looks of all times. Baekhyun rocks a black hairstyle whether his hair is short or longer. Natural shine gives a healthy glow to the artist’s hair due to a good haircare regimen.

Baekhyun takes pride in his look and will wash his often but not so much to make it fragile. He adds volume and shine with wax, pomade and hair oils. Frequent visits to the hairdresser help to maintain a healthy hair and a trim every few weeks encourages growth. The trims and moisture treatments are essential to keep hair healthy with changing the color often.

Baekhyun Purple Hair

Baekhyun isn’t scared to try out all kinds of hair colors and one of his most popular styles was purple. The pop star chose a platinum white with blond hues as his signature purple. Dark roots give way to an ombre-like light purple. If lavender had to have a hairstyle then this would be it with all the different tones.

Another purple that Baekhyun chose was a brighter violet color. The color was vibrant and daring but looked great at performances. It is a color that will leave an impression on others and draw attention to your style. For best results with bright hair colors you will need to do touch-ups often to keep the color looking fresh.

Baekhyun Hair Pink

Baekhyun opted for a pastel pink color at times. The cotton candy color was accented with silver-white hues to provide contrast. As his hair grows out a darker color emerges at the roots and gives additional depth to the color.

The pink hairstyle of Baekhyun gives a youthful and joyous look. It makes him seem playful and innocent which is very different to the moody, dark look he has when his hair is black. Another pink color that Baekhyun tried out was a flamingo pink, which shows the artist is not scared of trying something new with adventurous colors. The color looks very similar to a cherry blossom color.

Baekhyun is a style and pop icon with hairstyles to match his personality. He has chosen a wide variety of hair colors and gone from grey to black and all the colors in between. He isn’t scared to select a bright color like red, purple, pink and ginger. Get hair color inspiration from the Ko Ko Bop EXO artist and take a lesson from his book by keeping with your hair stylist appointments to keep your hair looking healthy and shining.