4 Best Hair Colour for 70 Year Old Woman updated 2020

As you get older, you’re experimenting with new hairstyle, haircuts and even colors. But as you gain more wisdom, you’re not sure which colour will work best for your age. You want to continue to look mature and not childish. In this article, we will be giving you all the information needed for you to choose the best hair colour. You’ll be guided on what to remember when choosing a new hair colour, how to choose the best hair color and hair color options for the 70-year-old woman.

What to remember when choosing a hair color:

    Your Skin Colour:

Your skin tone, as well as your undertone, does play a big role in how your new colour will look on you. To prevent you from choosing an off colour, you need to do thorough research. For example, strawberry red is ideal for fair and neutral skin tones, bronze is great for warm and red undertones, cinnamon mocha is great for darker tones, etc.

  • Your Skin Features

Also, your skin features can impact the results of your new-found hair colour. Some colors have the power to enhance your favorite features while deflecting your least favorite features Whether it’s your green eyes, high cheekbones, or wrinkles, they will make or break the new hair colour. For example, darker tones are not the best choice if you want to hide your wrinkles or eye bags. Hence, lighter colors such as brown/brunette are perfect. As well as, if you have green eyes, wearing a dark or rich red to make your eyes pop even more.

  • Maintenance:

Some colors will take more maintenance than others. You may have to visit the salon more than once per month. As well as, purchase colour maintenance products to use every day in your hair. You should consider if you have the time, energy as well as money to bear such maintenance costs if any.

  • Health Status of Your Hair:

The quality of your hair will affect the results of your new colour. Therefore, you should let your stylist know how many colour treatments or damage you have, A great stylist will be able to tell but giving them a warning could save your hair from future damage. The older you are the weaker your hair strands especially if you’re not caring for it. If your hair is virgin, then it will be able to withstand harsher colors. While, a weaker hair strand can withstand light colors such as highlights that will not cause as much damage.

  • Shock value

With a new color at your age, there will be stares, head turns, double-takes every time you pass the mirror, and comments from your friends and family members. Be prepared for this by remember why you changed your hair colour in the first place. There may be some unpleasant comments, while there may be wonderful comments.

How to Choose Hair Colour:

There are various tests that you can do before choosing your hair colour. These include:

  • Shirt Test:

The Shirt test allows you to determine what is your undertone. Go into your closet and choose your favorite shirt or blouse, the one you get the most compliments in. If it’s orange, peach or pink, then your undertone is warm. However, if it is a darker colour such as blue, purple or green then your undertone is cool.

  • Wig test

Also, the wig test will let you know which hair colour suits your skin tone and features the best. You can get a couple of wigs from the dollar store and try them on at home. Take some photos and play around to see what works for you. And, don’t forget to get feedback from your loved ones.

  • Skin Color Matching Test:

Another test that can be done is a skin colour matching test. You can get samples of your favourite colour from the beauty salon store of your stylist’s salon and place them on your skin. From this test, you’ll be able to see which colour suits you and which doesn’t. And you will get expert feedback from your hairstylist or the beauty supply personnel.

  • A Well-Lit Room Test:

After doing the aforementioned tests, you can take selfies in a well-lit room to see the true results. The perfect lighting will allow you to decipher if the colour fits you are not. Ensure to send out the selfies to family, friends and even your hairstyle to get their feedback.

4 best hair colors for 70 year old women


Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6p2RU3HbbJ/?igshid=1w63jwbqf66dt

By age 70, you have started to grow a lot of your wisdom hair. However, instead of cutting them, why not just change your hair colour to grey? Perfect idea – don’t you think? Grey hairs are trending so why not jump unto the silver fox bandwagon. You can start by adding grey highlights to enhance your natural grey strands. Also, it will help to reduce the awkward phase of growing grey hair. Then, you can slowly transition to full grey instead of going cold turkey.


Yes blonde! I know what you’re thinking, that blonde is for the younger females. We’re not saying to go platinum blonde because it’s too harsh on your mature hair. You can colour your hair using a soft blonde, for example, buttery blonde. Depending on the length, quality and natural colour of your hair, your hairstylist may start subtly with highlights so that it naturally compliments your hair.


Brown and red have a reddish tone which is great to lively up your complexion. It is a shocking colour that requires much maintenance at home and the salon. It will fade more quickly than other shades so ensure to use colour enhancing shampoos, conditioners and leave-in conditioners to prevent the colour from fading.

Caramel/Dark Brown:

Also, if you prefer to rock deeper shade then this is perfect as well. You can enhance your overall look and features by wearing highlights. Not only will they brighten your complexion, but they will also add volume, highlight your high cheekbones and always lays flattering.

These are guidelines and suggestions that should be noted before changing your hair colour. Although it may seem like there is one colour fits one type within the beauty world. It is what you make it at the end of the day. If you want turquoise hair and you think you look good in it, why not? Your hair is like a canvas that you can paint your own.