Bryce Harper Haircut – UPDATED 2019 – Hair Product, Mohawk & Commercials!

If you are a baseball fan, then you must definitely know the man who is popularly known as the “five-tool-player.” Bryce Aron Max Harper is an American baseball right fielder. At the age of 23, Harper was the youngest MLB (Major League Baseball) player to become the most valuable player of the year (2015).

He even signed a $330 million contract with Phillies during the offseason of 2018-19, and the contract till now is the richest in North American sporting history. But Harper is not only known for his great sporting skills, but this man is also followed by various fans and fashion enthusiasts because of his signature hairstyles.

Bryce Harper Haircut

His unique range of hairstyles and beard looks have made him very popular on and also off the field. Some of his most famous hairstyles were brush-up, slick back, undercut and Mohawk. No matter if its short or long hair, his hairstyles have always caught the attention of baseballs fans.

Harper gives much needed time and attention to maintain his hair locks and ensures that his follicles are properly conditioned well. Here are some of his very popular looks:

  1. Slicked back with a beard
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This look of Harper combines a normal slick back with plenty of height and texture along with a beard that has some extra growth on the chin. This look is perfect for any casual or even formal appearance. It is essential to use a styling product so as to maintain the shape and volume of your hair.

  • Brushed back

Long hair stretched at the back and then from there it comes down to your neckline. Again the sides of your hair are cut-short and joined with the sideburns of your beard. The brushed back hairstyle is something that is very commonly used by Harper and he has used the same for most of his interviews. It is recommended to use a pomade before you brush your hair backwards to keep the shape and shine.

  • Undercut

Medium length hair with undercut sides is the famous undercut hairstyle of Harper. Before slicking your hair back give them some height to exactly emulate his look. Loads of thickness and length is what makes this hairstyle iconic. Obviously, when talking about Harper, a beard is a must to compliment your look.

  • Brushed back with side lock
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This one is a bit different where the sides are undercut and the hair on top is slicked back with volume and a lock (hanging) from one side. The hair towards the back will touch your neckline and offcourse, a beard will complete the look.

  • Low fade slicked dyed hairstyle

One more very formal and elegant looking hairstyle sported by Harper is the low fade long slicked black dyed hairstyle. In this, the hair is grown long then dyed (black) and slick back that too with some height. You can complement this with a beard that is slightly touching the sideburns which are leading towards the undercut.

It is highly recommended to use a hair gel to support this hairstyle along with loads of patience. Remember, men with short hair should not attempt to create this hairstyle.

  • Ponytail style

Ideal for men with medium hair length, this ponytail style with a beard is yet again a very good look for any casual or even formal appearance. A small ponytail after slicking back and a bread which is touching your sideburns is a must-try look.

Bryce Harper In A Mohawk

One of the most famous Bryce Harper hairstyle is the Mohawk also known as a Mohican. The most common variety of this hairstyle is shaving both sides of your head and leaving a noticeable strip of long hair in between or the centre of your head.

Other famous hairstyle the sportsman has sported till now are the slick back, undercut and brush up. His different hairstyles have definitely caught the eye of various baseball fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Bryce Harper Hair Products – What Does He Use?

Harper is endorsing various products from Barbershop chain and their product line Blind Barber. This modern barbershop franchise is bringing back the old and keeping the community feeling alive by adding luxury to your grooming experience.

Bryce Harper Hair Clay

The Bryce Harper Hair Clay is a water based styling clay for men. It is perfect to add volume and medium or strong hold to your hair. Created by using natural ingredients this hair clay leaves your hair with a perfect matte finish.

This natural kaolin clay is also good in soaking up any excess oil and debris from your hair. It is a water base clay and does not contain any grease or castor oil. A subtle hint of coconut in every jar of the Bryce Harper Hair Clay is used to provide that unique fragrance it has.

Bryce Harper Beard Balm

This beard balm is ideal to manage those uncontrollable whisks of your beard and will also provide enough texture to have some styling control over it.

Again made out of completely natural ingredients this beard balm will not at all effect the quality of your facial hair and will rinse away in a single wash.

Bryce Harper Dry Shampoo

The best remedy for those in-between days is the Bryce Harper Dry Shampoo that will take your entire look to the next level.

Bryce Harper Hair Gel

One of his favorite hair gel’s is the Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, which is a water-soluble gel that gently holds your hair like wax. This get works great with any kind of look whether it is classic, retro, modern or old-school. You can add water to attain a wet shine. The gel has a very subtle scent which is liked by both males and females.

Bryce Harper Commercial

Currently, Harper is associated with a nutritional support company that is working towards promoting active lifestyles called MusclePharm. He is also endorsing the barbershop chain and their own product line Blind Barber.