Gatsby Hair Wax Review – UPDATED 2019 – Types, Side Effects & More

Hair styling is as important for men as it is for women. You might be wearing the best attire and using expensive perfumes to look great. But hairstyle plays a vital role when it comes to creating an impression. Your hair can become a mess at times and annoy you. Applying hair wax on the hair can help you keep it in place. Hair wax is certainly a wonder product that adds a lot of shine and texture to hair. It also provides a lasting hold to the hair, keeping you tidy all day. There are many brands producing hair wax products today. It is important to choose a hair wax from reputable brand to make sure you get the desired results without side effects.

One such global brand is Gatsby that produces hair and face care products for men. They manufacture products in Japan. They offer hair wax products, shaving products, perfumes and fragrances, body cleansers and more. One of the most popular products is Gatsby hair wax which has been in the market for 10 years now and has built a great reputation among customers. In this post, we review the Gatsby Hair Wax and take a closer look at its features and results to help you find out if it works for you.

Gatsby Hair Wax Review – UPDATED 2019

Gatsby Perfect Hold Wax - Extra Hard - 2.11 oz

Gatsby Hair Wax is a great option for those men who desire classy and stylish hair for quick casual and formal hairstyles. It features excellent restyling ability. It delivers long-lasting results and lets you create hairstyles of your choice with ease. Gatsby hair wax is a top quality hair styling product designed to deliver amazing results. It gives a mild shine and hold to let the user style hair easily.

Gatsby hair wax is introduced in a number of variants and everybody can find the wax suiting the style they want to achieve and the type of their hair. The product comes in an easy-to-use, attractive packaging. It is similar to a balm pack with a turning cap on the top. The wider mouth of the pack helps easily get the product on hands and apply smoothly on hair. All the variants of the hair wax come in different colored packages.

The fragrance of the Gatsby hair wax is good and mild. The most common fragrance is that of green apple. The smell fades away gradually if the product is used in moderate quantity. Some of the variants are even odorless. There are separate variants available for longer hair. These have better hold. The consistency of the hair wax gives a strong hold for up to six hours or longer. It even helps hold frizzy hair together.


  • Globally recognized brand
  • Provides strong hold of hair when used in the right quantity
  • Gives wet and shiny look to the hair
  • Comes in attractive packaging
  • Available in different variants to suit individual preferences
  • Delivers long-lasting results
  • Easy to use


  • May leave the hair dry and rough at times
  • Might prove to be too sticky for some people
  • Not a natural product
  • Can cause hair greying

How To Use Gatsby Hair Wax?

To use Gatsby Hair Wax, follow these simple steps:

  • Take a small amount of hair wax on your palm and rub the palms together to spread until it looks transparent.
  • Then, slide your fingers across the back and sides firmly and then sweep the hair forward from back to front.
  • Comb the locks from the front to the back with your fingers to raise them up.
  • Repeat this step to get a perfectly raised voluminous hairstyle.

Depending on the style you intend to create, you can apply more wax and style using your fingers.

Gatsby Hair Wax Types – Which is Right For You?

Gatsby Hair Wax comes in a number of variants intended for different styles and hair type. Here is the complete detail about the types of Gatsby Hair Wax products and the type of hair and style they suit.

Mat & Hard – Allows creating a hard head hairstyle with raised bundles and a sense of volume and gloss. It has a matte finish and suits any length of hair. It can give a spiky look to soft and hard hair.

Hard & Free – This non-sticky hair wax gives a subtle look and suits British and modern style with texture. It can give the hair an active movement with amazing restyling abilities.

Loose & Flow – It allows creating a trendy British-wave style with flow. It can create a tight flow with its re-styling ability to bundle and flow the hair. It also contains a lubricating ingredient that controls stickiness contributing to texture.

Power & Spikes – Ideal for trendy stand-up style with strong setting power along with restyling ability. It creates a wild spiky hair style letting the hair stand all day long.

Extreme & Firm – This non-sticky wax has a high setting power and restyling ability to create 3-dimensional style with flicks and twist. It creates a rugged hairstyle with raised look and extra bundling effect.

Gatsby Hair Wax Side Effects – What You Should Know?

Gatsby hair wax products are made using the highest quality ingredients tested for safety. They don’t have any adverse effects. It can be used safely on a regular basis without any side effects if you wash the hair and scalp every day. You should see that you don’t go to sleep with wax in your hair. Regular use of hair wax can impact the health, shine and texture of the hair. So you should make sure that your hair gets the required nutrition and moisture after using the wax.


With a strong re-styling ability and long-lasting result, Gatsby Hair Wax products are getting increasingly popular among modern, trendy men who want to achieve the desired hairstyle with ease. The non-sticky formula lets you arrange your hair to give expressive finishing through spiky, bouncy, dynamic or curly hairstyle without any stiffness and stickiness. It works for short, medium to long hair and any suits any hair type. With a number of variants to choose from, Gatsby hair wax proves to be an excellent choice for any men interested in achieving the desired hairstyle.