Harajuku Hairstyles – UPDATED 2019 – For Boys & Girls

One of the most popular Japanese street styles, Harajuku originated from a postwar mix of Japanese and American culture and formed around the Harajuku district in Japan. Harajuku street style fashion is a colorful and playful mix of punk styles highly popular among teenagers.

The term is quite popular, especially in Asia. It is a place in Tokyo where young people gather. Even today, you can find a group of youngsters dressed strangely in the area of Harajuku. Harajuku hairstyles have become famous across the world for its unique and exciting characteristics.

Let us talk about the Harajuku hairstyles today and learn about some really trendy haircuts inspired by this style for boys and girls.

Harajuku Hairstyles – UPDATED 2019

Harajuku street style is not just favored by teenagers across Asia but even celebrities around the world. Harajuku style has become highly popular in the world of hairstyling because of the casual, cool look it gives.

From photographers, makeup artists and digital artists to body sculptors, nail artists and hair stylists, everybody takes inspiration from this unique Japanese street style to create unique styles. Harajuku hairstyles are also seen in Asian cartoons, particularly Japan, making them a trendsetter in the world.

Harajuku hairstyle has evolved greatly over the years and adapted by different groups of people in different countries. Though implemented in different ways, the core remains the same. It is totally adorable. The key aspect of adopting a truly Harajuku street style is to style the hair in cute, playful, colorful combination.

Harajuku Hairstyles For Boys

Harajuku hair for boys can be seen in different colors and styles. It is different from the straight, short, black hair preferred by most men. As the area is known to be the fashion capital of Japan, young people are often seen with unique looks that depict their personality. One thing they have in common is that the hair is brightly colored and different from other Japanese hairstyles. These styles are often created to match the clothing style popular in the region.

Most men color the hair blonde while others dye the hair in neon or bright colors or highlights. The hair is then styled in a variety of unique looks. Harajuku hairstyles often consist of messy looks accompanied by razor cut to give it a ragged, uneven style. Many boys create spikes of different kinds. Some prefer Liberty spikes while others go with a porcupine spike style.

Harajuku hairstyles also commonly cover styles inspired by anime characters. A popular style is spiky hair resembling the one worn by Goku in Dragonball Z series. When the hair is styled like anime character, boys wear costume of that character. Harajuku hairstyles for boys also commonly include retro styles like pompadour, mullets and others from the 1980s. This is because the street fashion in this area is much inspired by the musical groups of the time.

The Harajuku hairstyle is glamorous, extreme and eye-catching. To copy this style, you should razor your hair in unique way, make it wild, dye your hair with bright colors and let the hair down in a playful pattern.

Best Harajuku Hair Wax

Now that you know about the trendy Harajuku hairstyles, you can go ahead and try some of your favorites. But the most important thing to achieve a Harajuku hairstyle is a good hair styling product like hair wax. You will need a hair wax with an amazing hold to get the desired style. There are many high-quality hair wax products available in the market that help you style your hair in ways you always dreamed. Here are some of the best Harajuku hair wax products to choose from.

1. Gatsby Harajuku Mat and Hard

Gatsby mat and hard hair styling wax suits all those trendy men who want to create Harajuku hairstyles. The hair wax gives a long-lasting effect and amazing re-styling ability. It allows creating a voluminous Harajuku style which rich expression by making hair curly and spiky as you desire. It suits all hair lengths and is great at accentuating the hairstyle. It can give both soft and hard hair a spiky look. Gatsby Harajuku Mat and Hard hair wax gives a natural, matte finish.

2. Beardo Strong Hold Hair Wax

Ideal for men’s hair styling that needs great hold, separation and humidity resistance, Beardo hair wax is a medium weight wax suitable for styling the hair in Harajuku trend. It allows achieving the perfect matte look that accentuates your hairstyle. It stays on the hair without loosening grip to ensure perfect hairstyle all-day. Formulated using beeswax, aloe vera and glycerine, this hair wax makes styling effortless while nourishing your hair naturally.

3. Jack Black Wax Pomade

This wax product caters to full head styling and ideal for achieving Harajuku hairstyles. It has the ability to maintain curly hair and deliver a high-shine finish. It has an amazing hold that takes care of frizz and strays to let you style your hair as you desire. The product is made out of all-natural ingredients like tea tree leaf oil that enhance the health of your scalp and hair.

Gatsby Harajuku Price

If you are fascinated about the Harajuku hairstyle and looking for ways to achieve the trendy hairstyle inspired by the Harajuku street style, the Gatsby Harajuku Mat and Hard hair wax can prove to be an ultimate companion for you.

Suitable for all hair types and lengths, this styling wax has a re-styling ability and effortlessly creates a voluminous Harajuku hairstyle with rich expression. It lets you style your hair the way you like without any stickiness and stiffness. You can buy Gatsby Harajuku mat and hard hair wax from any online store like Amazon for a price of about $9 for a pack containing 75 grams of the product.