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One of the most loved and trendy football players on the planet, Marco Reus is not only known for his prowess on the ball but also for the aura of a style icon. He possesses a fashion sense that inspires millions of youngsters and fans around the world.

Right from his initial days, he has sported an out of ordinary, flashy hairstyle. Reus haircuts are often a source of inspiration for youngsters, making him a trendsetter. Millions around the world want to imitate his haircut and hairstyles.

Let us take a look at Marco Reus haircuts and styles we have been seeing over the years and discuss the latest haircut the German inspires the world with.

Marco Reus Haircut – UPDATED 2019

Marco Reus flawlessly pulls off short as well as long haircuts and works on getting the right look. He also adds bleach and highlights to the hair to make his hairstyles more attractive, matching his personality.

The German footballer has always been known to sport rather unconventional hairstyles, right from his statement subtle Mohawk back when playing for Die Fohlen to a polished, evolved look that he still maintains as he grows.

These days, Marco Reus can be often spotted in a side-parted style with an undercut that is highlighted or bleached. He is also seen alternating his hairstyle between quiff and fauxhawk.

Let us take a look at Marco Reus’ hairstyles worth taking inspiration from:

Undercut with Side Parting

The signature side-parted style with undercut is really simple to achieve. You can leave about 3 inches on top to use as a side part covering the good part of your head and clip the remaining hair along the sides to the point they meet the side part. To accentuate this hairstyle, you can highlight or bleach the side part. This hairstyle is low-maintenance and suits casual as well as formal occasions. You can either iron the hair straight or keep them in place using a wax or pomade. For a more casual version as seen on Marco Reus, you can achieve a messier, more textured hairstyle by keeping the side part in place using wax or gel.

Undercut with Quiff

Another Marco Reus hairstyle is Quiff which can be achieved by transforming the above hairstyle. The hair on the top meant for side parting can be styled upwards into a quiff using a gum, hair wax or pomade. This hairstyle is flattering and simple to achieve and great for men who love Marco Reus. Anybody interested in getting a style that is fun, flexible, and stylish yet easy to maintain can try these looks.

Funky Undercut

This is another variation to the Marco Reus undercut and involves leaving the front and top long with short sides. This is one of the most unorthodox hairstyles by the footballer with front pushed up and backward. It is kept in place like a quiff using a pomade or wax.


On casual and practice days, Marco is seen sporting a little messy look with the hair left uncontrollable and wild. This hairstyle is great for people who love just-out-of-the-bed styles.

Side Parting with Mullet

This hairstyle has the front hair cropped short while towards the back, extending to shoulder level. This hairstyle is one of Reus’ favorites and he was seen sporting it during the stint at Monchengladbach. Mullet is often described as ‘business in the front, party at the back’ and suits youngsters who want something trendy.

Pointy Spikes

Marco Reus often sports pointy spikes look which is similar to undercut with side part. The hair at the sides and back is trimmed short while the top is left long or medium to achieve this look. Spikes have thicker layers in the front and are often highlighted for a more attractive look. This style suits people who prefer fuller look for their hair.


A hairstyle spotted on Marco Reus in his younger days, Fauxhawk is seen on a number of players including Cristiano Ronaldo. Fauxhawk is a variation to the Mohawk where the sides are retained instead of trimming completely. The spiky hair at the centre runs from the back to the front but is cut shorter than regular Mohawk. The long central part of the hair is highlighted here.

Marco Reus Hairstyle Name

A lot of people want to get the Marco Reus hairstyle and it is actually one of the most sought after hairstyles in the world. Reus sports different hairstyles at different times but the German generally has a textured comb over fade style. There are other variations of Marco Reus hairstyle including faux hawk, spiky fringe and slick back.

Textured styles and cuts are really easy to achieve at any barbershop or salon and you can easily copy Marco Reus hairstyle. You just need to remember the most popular Marco Reus Hairstyle name which is the comb over fade. Tell this to your barber and he should know exactly how to cut it. You are likely to get a Marco Reus hairstyle with some preferences like how short or long the top hair is to be left and how low or high you want to get the fade.

To style your hair after getting the Marco Reus haircut, you can apply a high-quality hair wax or pomade, create a part and brush the hair to one side.

Marco Reus Hair Products

To style your hair in Marco Reus fashion, you can use some of the hair products that help you achieve the look flawlessly while maintaining the quality and texture of your hair. There are many high-quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products including gels, wax, pomades and enhancers that can make all the difference to the look your hairstyle gets.

Look for products with natural ingredients that soften and moisturize your hair while preventing frizz. Invest in some good quality pomade which provides the balance of control, hold and volume to help you style any short to medium length hairstyle and keep it for the whole day. A hair wax works great for any length hair and gives it a textured, matte finish and thicker appearance. It can separate sections and add definition to the hairstyle.