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MGK Haircut & Style (UPDATED 2019

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Haircuts make a fashion statement: they say a lot about your style and personality. Some of the hottest hairstyles right now are inspired by haircuts from celebrities.

The braided man bun worn by ASAP Rocky is trendy and has become popular among rappers. Dj Khaled and Ft. Drake are seen with a fade between a trimmed beard and crisp hairlines. Fetty Wap spices up his dreadlocks with some golden colour and Machine Gun Kelly has a top knot that many people are following.

The style by Machine Gun Kelly has become very popular and can be seen on many men around the streets. Machine Gun Kelly is a rapper, actor, and part of the Wilhelmina signees. He has an editorial in L’Uomo Vogue, putting him straight in the spotlight. Here are some of the key features of the hairstyle and the best way to achieve it.

Old Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) Haircut Styles & Names

In 2015 the hairstyle worn by rapper Machine Gun Kelly was called the Man Bun, commonly known as the Top Knot. it is partly inspired by the work of Morgan Pinney, who is a fashion stylist known to MGK. She is prolific in men’s styling and her career growth started at the same time that MGK started a new career phase.

Morgan attributes MGK’s style to knowing him well, which makes it easy to dress him. She finds clothes and hairstyles that match his personality and music. MGK knows the brands and styles he likes, making the collaborative style impressive.

Best MGK Haircuts

Check out MGK new hairstyles and awesome hairstyles below and get inspirations for your next styling or haircut

The Man Bun


Many guys are now sporting the Man Bun hairstyle. Typically, this requires a man’s hair to be longer so that it can be made into a bun on top of the head, shoulder-length hair works quite well for this style.

Some men opt to grow the hair on the top of their head longer but to keep the back and sides of the head shorter, or even shaved. The contrast in length gives an interesting look. Finally, the hair going into the bun is usually smoothed into a ponytail before being tied into a bun. The bun is at the back of the head but quite close to the top.

MGK – The Vulture spot – Presented by Roku


Short on sides and top to the side







MGK’s Hair Transplant – Before & After

Machine Gun Kelly has always admitted that his hair is very thin, a sentiment shared by his stylist, Morgan Pinney. MGK’s hair has been thin for as long as he can remember but as he gets older, his hair is thinning out more and he may eventually be bald. A style he does not want at any time in his career.

To counter the potential baldness, MGK decided to have hair implants. Many celebrities and prominent businesspeople are choosing hair implants as a permanent solution to fighting baldness, just as MGK has done.

Aesthetic doctors’ source natural hair for hair implants. The doctor then implants the hair into the person’s head to fill out the hairline and give a full head of hair. Once the procedure is completed and the person has healed, they can enjoy their hair in all its glory.

Machine Gun Kelly has had his look transformed by having hair implants. The longer hair implants give texture and fullness to MGK’s hair and gives him more options for styling.

Haircuts and styling have been important for many years and will be in the future. It forms part of a person’s personality and has become a fashion statement. Machine Gun Kelly has become a fashion icon and his hairstyles will always be influential.

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