Rami Malek Haircut – UPDATED 2020 – Mr.Robot & Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek might have been there for only four short years but has already skyrocketed to the top. As evidenced by his recent starring role in Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, Malek’s rise to fame owes to some of his outstanding acting abilities. However, most believe that his impeccable style and personality have also played a big role in making him one of the most talked-about men in the town. Taking a top spot on Hollywood Fashion Crushes and Style Icon lists, Rami Malek is a newcomer to the world of celebrity style. However, he has a knack for striking a balance between simplicity and statement style. With his attention-catching mixes of casual and formal wear, he has established himself as the celebrity to watch and to steal styling inspiration from.

Let us talk about the haircut and hairstyle of Rami Malek to help fans and fascinates who are always keen about following and copying.

Rami Malek Haircut – UPDATED 2020


The Californian actor with blue eyes is not just one of the greatest performers of the time but also the newest fashion icon in town. Malek’s style has recently gained a lot of fame whether walking around the town, attending Fashion week or on the red carpet. He puts on tailored, slim fit suits which keep things casual while giving a sense of elegance. The 37-year old can be often seen at premiers and parties sporting statement suits in a minimalist style. Rami Malek is often sought-after for his haircut that gives his style a boost.

One of the most popular Rami Malek haircuts is his variation on side parting. Instead of going for a common fade or short guard length on the sides and back, Rami prefers leaving a little length on the sides, keeping it high and even. To get this classic Rami Malek haircut, go for about 5 or 6 on the sides and back and leave about 3 inches on the top. Rami’s haircut also has a lot of texture through the hair, creating a messier version of the short side parting.

Apart from the side parting and Mr. Robot haircut, Rami Malek is also looked upon for his short curly messy haircut, short pompadour haircut, slicked back haircut, long hairstyle, twilight hairstyle and high fade haircut. These haircuts and styles can be easily found on the internet and you can get it done by showing the pictures to your barber or stylist.

Rami Malek Curly Hair

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1b7MBhnJhx/?igshid=14u5ov33t8dnb

Mr. Robot fame Rami Malek has a naturally curly hair and is often seen in curly hairstyles that inspire a lot of people. He gives a modern twist to the classic high fade style by letting the length on the top wave and curling up naturally. The sides are also not dealt with precisely and the style would take on a new vibe while looking great from the sides just like the tidier version of this style.

Rami Malek is often seen in a short natural curly haircut that looks great on his face. Apart from this, another haircut that has gained a lot of popularity is the natural curly haircut with some length. The twilight hairstyle by Rami Malek is also styled in his naturally curly hair. He is also seen styling his hair in short curly messy cut with casual attire. Another inspiring hairstyle is the short pompadour hairstyle with curly hair.

Mr. Robot Haircut


Rami Malek’s Mr. Robot haircut was greatly loved by fans as seen in the series. Rami has been enjoying massive popularity from Mr. Robot and is becoming a beacon to look for inspiration. Mr. Robot is really an awesome show by numerous standards. The classic Hollywood hairstyle is simple but makes a statement. Rami uses a proper promade comb back to style his hair as Mr. Robot and there is nothing too fancy. But this classic haircut has drawn youngsters and fans of Rami Malek and Mr. Robot really crazy. It is a bold look that is sure to turn heads in the street.

The Mr. Robot haircut is really simple with a disconnected section on the sides and back. The sections are cut using 000 closed blade and the top can be from 1 to 2 inches in the front. To get the haircut, you can show the Mr. Robot haircut picture of Rami Malek from the series to your barber and ask him to get short back and sides, long enough to be slicked back completely.

Rami Malek Haircut in Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek had to go through a dramatic transformation to play the role of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury for Bohemian Rhapsody. Apart from the makeup transformation that involved using prosthetic nose to give the straight nose of Freddie and eye makeup to make the eyes look closer together, the teeth and hair also had to be replicated.

During the shoot, it took the stylist about two hours to do the makeup and apply wigs and nose. Hairpiece specialist Alex Rouse clarified that even when the character had short hair, it was a wig. Everybody thought Rami got a haircut and it was his own hair, but actually, it was a wig because he still had his Mr. Robot hair.

Rami Malek’s haircut in Bohemian Rhapsody also gained a lot of popularity and is worth getting inspiration from. One can achieve this haircut easily by showing the picture of Rami Malek from Bohemian Rhapsody to the stylist or barber.