Sehun Hairstyle & Hair Evolution Over The Years – UPDATED 2019

The K-pop band EXO are famous for their music and fashion style. The band members frequently change their hairstyles and color, experiment with makeup, and choose fashion-forward outfits for on-stage and music videos. Each member brings their own unique appearance to the band and today we are going to look at the way SeHun has changed his hairstyle over time.

Changing a hair color or style is an important event in the life on any K-pop artists. It shows that the artist is embarking on a new journey, or signals the release of a new track or album. So when Sehun changes his hair, the fans get excited for a possible new music event in the rapper’s life.

Sehun Hairstyle – UPDATED 2019

SeHun is well-known for changing his hairstyle often, sometimes even every month, which makes it difficult to keep up with his latest hairdo. The K-pop icon has natural black hair but often chooses to color his hair. Some of the hues seen on SeHun include blonde, brown, orange, pink, and even rainbow-colored hair. There is no doubt that you will have a few favorite hairstyles from SeHun and others that you don’t like at all. Here is how his hair has evolved through the years of fame.

Sehun Hair Evolution Over The Years

SeHun is the youngest member of EXO and his hairstyles do a lot for his appearance. Some of his color choices made him look older than he is, while others bring out a youthful side. When SeHun was introduced to the world in 2012 he had a mop of brown hair with a definite split down the middle. It held a boyish charm.

The brown may simply have been a color transition to get from his natural black hair color to a blonde color that Sehun rocked in January 2013. The color varied between a warm blonde and platinum blond during this time.

The next hair change from SeHun featured blond tones with pink accents. Think cotton candy and clouds mixed together to get the color of his hair. After the pink phase, Sehun went back to blonde for a while.

The hairstyle following Sehun’s latest blonde episode was one that got fans and fashionistas talking – Sehun decided to die segments of his hair into different colors giving it a rainbow effect. He went back to pink hair after the rainbow look.

A bright orange mop of hair was the next color chosen by SeHun. The vivacious color had some tongues wagging. Since the orange look, Sehun has changed his hairstyle and color several times but lately he has been opting for his natural black hair color. Sometimes his hair will always be tinged with a very dark brown.

Sehun Rainbow Hair

Sehun’s rainbow hairstyle got everyone talking before the debut of EXO’s Wolf. The bright colors made for one of the most popular hairstyle in K-pop history. Some people have called this hairstyle parrot hair because parrots also have several bright colors.

Sehun’s hair still had blonde notes but the majority of his hair had been segmented into various colors. Warm hues of yellow, orange and red were contrasted with cooler blue and turquoise tones. Some dark purple and eclectic green was also visible.

What made this style truly special is the color changed as time passed. Right after coloring the tones were rich but started to fade out slightly as time passed, giving more of a candy-like appearance. Touch-ups to the colors also gave a more playful look and kept the style fresh.

Sehun Orange Hair

One of the most controversial colors Sehun has worn in his hair is a vibrant orange. Not all people were a fan of this hair color – you either love it or hate it. The tangerine colored hairstyle was quite shocking but it became awesome as his hair started to grow out. With time, his natural color became visible at the roots and gave a new dimension to his hairstyle. The darker roots provided extra shading and softened the appearance of the orange.

Sehun Hairstyle Names

Sehun has rocked the K-pop scene and many hairstyles since being introduced as a music star. His hair colors have changed over time, as well as the style he uses for his hair. One notable feature of Sehun’s hair (besides the varying colors) is that he always wears tapered sideburns regardless of hairstyle or color. This helps to frame his face and creates softer lines for a more aesthetic appeal.

During Sehun’s rainbow hair period, his hair length varied but was always slightly longer in the front. He would wear his hair messy and with a forward fringe on many occasions. At other times he rocked a deep side part and would have his hair along the front shaped to the side and back for a contemporary hairstyle.

Sehun is often seen wearing his hair longer along the front and top to create extra volume. Shorter back and sides give good contrast. His hair is never cut super short but always has body and can be styled in many different ways. Sehun’s hair is probably the envy of all people out there. It takes new colors well, can be styled into a myriad of designs, and look effortless at the same time.

Lately, Sehun has been comfortable with his natural black hair and opts for a sleek, timeless look. His hair has been cut shorter along the back and slightly longer in the front with bangs ending just above his ears. A slightly off-center parting gives the bangs a sophisticated effect around the face and emphasizes Sehun’s facial structure. Many people consider this hairstyle to be their most favorite of all the ones Sehun has previously worn.

With so many different hair colors and styles, we cannot help but be in awe of Sehun. Only time will tell what his next appearance change will herald and we cannot wait to see all the future styles of this fantastic K-pop artist.