Top Hair Magazines

When you simply grow tired of your look and want to try something new, the first thing that you look to change is your hair.  It will have the biggest impact on your overall appearance and those around you will notice the change immediately.  The problem is how to know what to do with it.  For most of us we get inspiration from hair magazines.  They offer hundreds of beautiful, glossy photographs of multiple styles in long, short, medium, pixie styles that you can cut out and take to your stylist for a consultation to see if that particular cut will work for you. 

The really great thing about the magazines are, even after leaving the salon, they will help you with tips and tricks on how to maintain the style after the cut has been done.  Because, let’s face it, none of us can make our hair look like the stylist has it once she has finished her magic with us.  After we wash it, it falls flat. That’s why these magazines are crucial to our maintaining the looks that we find so attractive.  Which magazines are the best of all that are out there though?  Let’s look at a few.


– American Salon.  This magazine stays on top of the trends.  It offers tips and tricks straight off of the runway for the cosmetologists who need new ideas in their salons or for the everyday woman who wants to try new things with her hair.  The photos are superb and the ideas and full-on tutorials on how to achieve the looks are fantastic for those who need help in making the looks work for themselves.

– Hype Hair.  This is the perfect black hair magazine.  It offers everyday styling tips but also offers celebrity trends.  A lot of people love this magazine for the fact that it focuses not just on natural but also relaxed hair.  It gives everyone multiple useful tips on how to take care of their hair to keep it healthy and sustain it in every possible situation.  You’ll be able to style your hair in a variety of different ways for any occasion no matter what your hair type happens to be with this magazine.

– Glamour.  Glamour is not your standard hair magazine, but it offers a significant amount of hair advice as well as provides a multitude of tips and tricks on styling your hair along with different popular hairstyles and awesome photos to cut out and take with you for inspiration.  The great thing is it lets you know which styles work well with your particular shaped face because a lot of times we try to force looks on ourselves that really aren’t particularly right with our features.  It is not just for hair, of course, there is plenty of advice and tips on how to work your beauty and fashion to coincide with your new do.

– Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide.  Their website touts them as ‘one of the best hair magazines in the world’.  They offer an awesome ‘how-to’.  Can’t emphasize enough for those of us who are definitely not able to ‘do’ without a ‘how-to’ the importance of this section in a hair magazine.  We’re the ones who come out of the salon looking glamorous and resembling a sheepdog after a shower.  This magazine offers a plethora of haircut ideas that are trendy, up-dos, new ideas for styles that have come and gone.  This magazine encourages you to experiment at home before you head out to the salon.  Just no cutting; that leads to regret in the morning.

– Men’s Passion.  For all the guys out there, this is a super magazine and one of the very few available to you.  It really might be the only one solely dedicated to the male gender.  It focuses on every trend that is imaginable for the vision that you have for yourself whether you see a rock star with the super long, spiky locks, or the low maintenance buzz, or the sleek cut of the businessman, any style that you can imagine for yourself will be represented in this magazine for you, and probably any color.  It’s nice that you don’t need to try to describe to the stylist what you want.  Simply take one of the photos.

– Celebrity Hairstyles.  There is not one of us who hasn’t fallen in love with a style that we saw on a celebrity.  That’s how most of us see different variations of new, trendy styles is by watching television or movies.  This magazine puts those haircuts at our disposal so that we can go and show the stylist precisely what it is we want instead of having to say we want the Rachel.  This magazine makes the job of the stylist so much easier because the magazine will tell them exactly how to do the cut and lets them know the instructions on how you should take care of it.

– Black Beauty.  This is a really beautiful black hair magazine.  From the cover to each picture inside it is exquisite.  The photos are glossy and elegant and gorgeous.  Its focus, of course is on hair and how to style, maintain and take care of black hair.  It goes further, however, to discuss beauty as well as lifestyle.  You’ll be able to use this magazine to play with your hair but also to try out various fashion tips and beauty products as well.  This is kind of an all inclusive magazine that will allow you to be informed, entertained, and taken care of in all aspects.  This is a good one.

These magazines were designed to help us find inspiration and guidance in developing a new, fresh outlook on our style so that we can nurture ourselves, which is an important part of staying healthy body, mind, and spirit.  By giving us the tools that we need and the instructions on how to maintain these looks, we can achieve the styles that give us the confidence to go off on our day.  Confidence equals content equals success.