Ustraa Hair Wax Review – UPDATED 2019 – How To Use Ustraa Hair Wax?

In this modern age, hair is one of the most prominent style symbols and it becomes imperative for men to give their hair a perfect look. Hair wax is a product that can give your hair the right look as you desire. Choosing the right hair wax is not easy, particularly when one wants to look stylish and attractive using such a product. Hair wax is available in a wide variety at varying prices and suits different customers with different needs and budget. In this article, we talk about one such brand of hair wax that offers a range of men grooming products.

Let us dive deeper into the features and effects of Ustraa Hair Wax so that you can decide if it suits your preferences and needs.      

Ustraa Hair Wax Review – UPDATED 2019

Ustraa Hair Wax is a highly versatile hair styling product that is designed to be safe for use for men with different types of hair. The hair wax comes in plastic packaging with clean labels. It has a citrus smell that feels nice. What makes this wax unique is that it contains essential oils that enhance the strength and health of the hair while giving you the ability to style it the way you like.  The consistency is medium and transparent and it is easy to use on any type and length of hair. It helps the hair and scalp retain their natural oil giving it a vibrant and healthy look. It gives a great hold and is ideal for those who look for a matte texture.


  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Gives strong hold and long-lasting result
  • Makes the hair strong and healthy
  • Easy to remove with water
  • Non-greasy and easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Does not give a perfectly matte finish
  • Overuse can result in grease

Ustraa Hair Wax Matte Look

Ustraa Hair Wax Matte Look works well on most hairstyles for a dapper-looking matte finish. It is particularly recommended for short to medium length. This hair wax has a long-lasting result to let your hair stay as you style them while giving them a more natural, matte look. The beeswax and coconut based hair wax is designed to help you achieve a perfectly matte style that makes your hair look attractive and sexy.

Ustraa Hair Wax Wet Look

Ustraa also presents the wet look hair wax that gives the classy Italian vibe. This hair wax delivers long-lasting hair styling for a shiny, wet look. Formulated using natural ingredients, this hair wax not only gives a great hold to your hair for the desired hairstyle but also nourishes and moisturizes the hair. It also acts as a natural conditioner and repairs dry and damaged hair. It contains beeswax for natural styling so that you can achieve a clean, wet and shiny look you need. Ustraa hair wax contains no harmful chemicals. It is a non-greasy formula which can be washed off with water and does not require shampoo.

How To Use Ustraa Hair Wax?

To use Ustraa hair wax to style your hair, take a small amount of hair wax in your palm and rub in between the palms well. This makes the wax warm so that it can spread evenly on your hair. Next, apply the wax on the back and side hair and then use your fingers to style the hair as you would like. Move your fingers from front to back and towards the tip of the hair to give them a hold to get the desired hairstyle. Adjust the amount of wax to suit your needs and style. This wax gives you a natural, matte look easily. To remove the wax, you just need to wash the hair with water. It does not require              the use of shampoo for removal. Being free of any chemicals, you can even sleep with hair wax.

Ustraa Hair Wax Ingredients

Ustraa Hair Wax stands out from other hair styling products in its unique composition. This hair wax contains only natural ingredients to help you style your hair while keeping it healthy and nourished. It does not contain Paraffin, Petroleum or any other harmful fixatives which can harm your hair. It has a non-greasy formula that does not stick to hands. It can be washed off easily without using shampoo. The product contains beeswax and coconut to give you an all-natural hair styling gel without any stickiness. Use of natural ingredients ensures you don’t have any side effects. It uses china clay that is not just great for styling but retains the natural oil of hair for growth and nutrition. It also contains lavender oil that nourishes and moisturizes hair and increases the blood flow in scalp. Ustraa hair wax is free of any harmful chemicals that harm the hair. It also contains lemon essential oil which acts as a revolutionary product as it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Use of only natural ingredients means Ustraa hair wax is great for hair hygiene and does not have any side effects.